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Let's talk about this weird "down there" thing

I always have discharge in my underwear and sometimes it feels like I wet myself. 😳 It’s really uncomfortable—is there anything I can do to help? 

Don't freak out. While it might seem messy and sometimes annoying, discharge is a normal part of being a woman. 

Sometimes the consistency of the discharge may be a result of changes in the body. It can be from something as serious as an STD to something minimal, like a change in your diet. Some warning signs—if it's bad-smelling, green or yellow or cottage cheese-like, you might want to see your doc. Here's our list of signs to know whether your discharge is healthy or not.  

What else can cause that super wet feeling?  Sexual arousal (from reading a steamy scene or thinking about sex) or when you’re in different stages of your menstrual cycle. When you feel that “did I just pee on myself?” sensation, it’s more than likely a sign that your period is on its way. 

It can also be the result of all the working out you did in gym class. After a workout, it’s common to have an increase in discharge, and even in its thickness. But again, don't freak out—our bodies need our discharge to cleanse the vagina and restore its pH balance.

Still, there’s no need to feel super soggy, so try wearing a pantyliner with your undies the next time you get dressed. Also, make sure that you’re wearing breathable cotton underwear (nothing too tight) as that can create added moisture that you definitely don’t want. 

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by Afiya Augustine | 9/23/2019