Learn how to do a split by the end of September with these easy exercises

Let's be honest. Who doesn't *secretly* want to be able to do a split? It's def a flex if you can and a super great way to build your muscles. Flexibility is something that can be easily improved with a little practice and persistence, so if you start today you could be doing splits by the end of the month! 

If you aren't super flexible right now, don't worry. You have lots of time to improve, so don't try to do a split right away without first training your muscles to be ready for it.  Start with the basics and then move on to the more difficult stuff. Each exercise on the list will get progressively more advanced so try to master each one before going on to the next.

Toe Touches

Touching your toes may seem like a simple exercise, but it is one of the best ways to stretch your hamstring muscles. You can do this exercise the traditional way by standing up and reaching down to touch your toes, or you could lie on your back and reach up. If you chose to lie on your back as pictured above you will also be getting in a great ab workout.


To do this exercise, sit with the soles of your feet together, your back straight, and your hands holding your feet together. Then, use the muscles in your thighs to move your legs up and down. 

Plié Squat

There is a reason why ballerinas are so flexible. It's because they are doing pliés all day. Like the butterfly stretch, pliés will help stretch those inner muscles of the thigh.

Leg Extensions

Leg Extensions help work many different muscles of the legs and the glutes. They also help increase flexibility. Try to keep both legs as straight as possible.

Quad Stretch

Work your quads and increase your balance with this simple exercise. Try to increase the time you hold the stretch by 5 secs each day.

Straddle Stretch


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This is probs the best way to prepare yourself to do a split. Each day start with your legs apart as far as you can then reach your hands front as far as you can and hold.  Increase the time you hold by 10 secs every day and you will see a definite improvement.


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We encourage you to add these exercises into your daily workout routine, so you will be ready to do a split by the end of the summer. With consistency and determination, we know you can do it!


by Emma Rose Eggleston | 9/2/2020