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A week's worth of easy meal inspo to level up your school lunch

Tired of bringing that same PB&J sandwich to school every day? Dw, we've got you covered. With homework, sports and after-school clubs, it can be a challenge to prioritize balanced eating—which is why we've provided you a week's worth of healthy, quick and delish lunch inspo. Yeah, you're gonna want to take a bite out of this. 

Monday: Quesadillas

Let's be real for a sec: You can do almost anything with a quesadilla. Want something plain and simple? Just grab a tortilla, cheese and chicken. Want to dress it up a little more? Try adding tomatoes, onions, beans or anything your heart desires. Pair it with salsa or sour cream, and you've got yourself a lunch that could squash any case of the Mondays. 

Goes well with: Sliced bell peppers, corn/cowboy caviar


Tuesday: Pasta salad

Pasta is one of the easiest prepare-in-advance lunch menu items. Just cook a box of noodles Sunday night, and use it up throughout the week! But to really elevate this basic carb, cut up some colorful veggies (think: carrots, cucumbers, olives and tomatoes), sprinkle some cheese and nuts and top with your fave vinaigrette. Pasta salads are really versatile–the ingredients are totally up to you. Get creative!

Goes well with: Popcorn chicken, broccoli and ranch


Wednesday: Hawaiian sweet roll sandwiches 

It's the middle of the week, which means it's time to excite your taste buds by giving something classic (the sandwich) a GL makeover. That's right–we're making *mini* sandwiches. Using smaller cuts of your traditional lunch meats (pick all-natural turkey for a healthier option) and cheeses, you can fit your fave combo into an adorably fun-sized Hawaiian sweet roll. Yeah, we're obsessed with these little sammies. 

Goes well with: Baked barbeque chips, grapes

Strawberry Blondie Kitchen

Thursday: Starbucks-style energy box

You're almost through the week! To get through the final stretch, reenergize with a tasty, protein-packed spread that looks like it came straight from the Starbucks refrigerated section. Whether you prefer hard-boiled eggs or cheese and crackers, it is important to consider all food groups (protein, carbs and healthy fats). Try adding veggies like carrots or celery to dip in hummus or ranch. Bonus points if you use a cute bento box for your goodies.

Goes well with: Trail mix, dried fruit


Friday: Yogurt parfait

Honestly, yogurt is basically just a healthier version of ice cream. (Duh, that's why they invented fro-yo!) So if you're looking for something to make your Fri-YAY even sweeter, a yogurt parfait is the perfect choice. Fill a thermos full of yogurt (Greek is best for all you lactose-intolerant girlies, FYI), and take separate little containers of berries and granola to decorate your parfait when you finally get to dig in. Tres chic!

Goes well with: Nut butters, chocolate chips


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Slider and top image: @kyliesbakes


by Laila Mayfield | 1/25/2023