Ten totally cute room accessories under $10

We *love* feeling glam. So why not do the same for your room? Spruce up your space with a few cute and affordable decorations. With these 10 décor items you can punch up your room in no time with your next allowance.

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    Embrace the summer season with fruity and glittery decorations.
    Pineapple Sequin Throw Pillow, $9, Mainstays 

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    Curl up with your fave book right next to your new crystal candle holder. And snap a pic while you're at it.
    Crystal Candle Holder, $6, Himalayan Glow

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    Wake up every morning reminded that you are beautiful with this painting. Then remind your bestie that she's beautiful too.
    Hello Gorgeous Wall Art, $7, Walmart

  • 230668.jpg

    Flowers instantly glam up any room. Place them in a pretty vase and enjoy the pretty colors.
    Spring Daisy Bushes, $1 per unit, Dollar Tree

  • 02802497-7d32-40e1-9500-f1d01a145bb9_1.583f68b7354e8861dead292f8571e232.jpg

    Finally organize your jewelry into this pretty pink jewelry holder. You’ll be able to find the right pair of earrings for your outfit everyday without any fuss and make your room a little extra pink. 
    Jewelry Display Rack, $10, Walmart

  • 50121873.jpg

    Don’t feel like painting your entire room another color? Well, glam up the walls with this stunning flower wall sticker.
    Dogwood Branch Peel & Stick Wall Decals, $7, RoomMates

  • 981e36f6-57db-448d-b25a-f86dd38952dd_1.0871529642ccc251c1c08c1c3e805fce.jpg

    Stand out from the crowd with this modern clock. It’s so stylish you won’t throw it against the wall when your alarm clock goes off in the morning.
    Wooden LED Clock, $10, Gearonic

  • 4ba3993b-f5ea-4958-bd70-67f5fe7598cf_1.23cab712f47483ed2c5d42ceceeaf92b.jpg

    Stay comfy in style. And when you’re warm enough throw the blanket over your freshly made bed or over your chair for an extra touch of glam.  
    Soft Throw White, $8, Samimport

  • screen_shot_2018-05-30_at_3.47.02_pm.png

    Wake up to a breathtaking scene by hanging a wall tapestry in your room. Trust me, you won’t be sorry.
    Sakura Scenery Tapestry, $10, Rosegal

  • 0da55a0a-c1f7-4ae0-8701-3d8a5531bd71_1.2d19ce686360393555df0a5d3e31eda9.jpg

    String lights don’t just belong outside, you can hang them along your headboard on your bed or above your door. Get creative with it.
    Metal Star Light Set, $9, Better Homes & Gardens


by Joy Cato | 6/10/2018