How to make a boho-chic room with all the wanderlust feels

If spring is for cleaning, summer is for revamping. That's why we're sharing one of our favorite styled bedroom ideas with you: boho-chic. These fun, earthy vibes are perfect for the girl who loves that soft, natural and free-flowing feel. Here's how to accomplish this wanderlust look.

Pops of color
Boho-chic combines a few different elements like, organic, colorful, simple and modern. In order to accomplish a room like this one, you'll need to add pops and more pops of color. The color choice is up to you but it's often natural hues. If you are going for this feel, try: green, blue and brown colors.

Matchy, Matchy
While, the style is a bit mixed, it is often organized and well put togehter. Like, see how the rug (above) and these two pillows match so nicely? You can acheive a boho-chic style by matching a few of the items in your bedroom.

Wood elements
Another fun and fab way you can make your room look boho-chic is with wood. In fact, wood is nearly a must in a room like this. The idea is to make your space feel warm and natural. With this stool, you get both. (Oh and we can't skip by this seat without talking about that fur. Ahhh, so, so pretty...)

Make it dreamy
Dream catchers are essential for your boho space. Besides, who wouldn't want those dreamy, sweet and beautiful vibes? Buy one, like this pretty pink feathered dream catcher, or turn it into a DIY project.

Wanderlust vibes
If you love to travel, or love the idea of traveling, a boho-chic room will inspire you. One way, you can get your room screaming this style is with items from your travels. Or even items that resemble the idea of traveling—like this photo wall. Typically, these decor items will still be wooden, dreamy, or plant-like. But hey, any room is up for interpertation.

Something old, something new
Like any bedroom, your space needs to be a reflection of you! When making a boho-chic space, your things don't need to look brand new. Your decor like this one can look older, not new at all, thrifted and most importantly yours.

What is your favorite room style? Tell us in the comments below.


by Alyshia Hull | 5/8/2018