5 makeup storage hacks for the makeup-obsessed

Makeup is great, but it can get messy, broken and at times clutter your space. But it doesn't have to be this way, in fact it shouldn't be. Instead, your makeup storage should be fun, clever and match your beautiful style. That's why we've come up with a few tips and tricks to help you organize your products. 



1. The bloggers did it first
Acrylic makeup containers seem to be every blogger's favorite way to store and hold their makeup products. This method has some advantages too: like, you can separate your makeup within the drawers. Or, you can clean the drawers easily. (Unlike, those wooden bathroom vanity drawers). They're also so, so pretty!

2. Use jars
If your makeup collection is small, mason jars which you can dec up, might be the method for you. The cool part: You can separate the jars by product! You can tuck them away in a drawer if desired. Oh and the best idea saved for last, you can buy the jars at a cheap price... anywhere.

3.  Let's get crafty
This is for the girl who wants to get creative times 10 with her makeup display. If you are up for it, try out this mag-nificent method. Here, you can organize your makeup by hanging it all up on a magnetic frame. That way you can see it, grab it and apply. No digging through drawers or bags!

4. The idea is clear
One way you can display your makeup is with a see through vanity. Not only will you see all of your makeup, displayed neatly within your vanity, but you will also have a nice place to sit. Warning: If your vanity is clear and see through, keeping it organized will feel like an absolute must. 

5. A switch in brushes
Let's talk brush storage, if you are looking for an easy, cheap way to store your brushes, try this method: a tooth brush holder. Stay with us here, it sounds weird but this works, we promise. Organize your brushes by placing them through the wide toothbrush holes. Great way for keeping them up straight. 

What makeup product is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below?

Photo credit: Foliver


by Alyshia Hull | 5/1/2018