How to add Pantone's 2018 color of the year to your room

2018 is the year of purple. Seriously, it's official: Pantone announced their color of the year is ultra violet, a deep and luxurious shade of purple. 

If you're a fan of purple, this is *your* year. And, if one of your 2018 resolutions is a room redo, why not add throw in this trendy color to your decor? We've got the ultra violet inspo for your room with all the best ways to decorate with this lovely purple hue. 

Solid throw pillows
Okay, so we are obsessed with the look of a clean, white duvet and pops of purple color. If you're looking to be 100 percent faithful to Pantone's vision of ultra violet, this pillow is for you. It's the exact shade and comes in all different sizes. 

Patterned throw pillows
You didn't think we'd stop at just one throw pillow, did you? Pair your solid throws with some in a funky pattern. We are obsessed with this purple agate throw pillow which is so glam and the perfect accent piece. 

Fuzzy throw pillows
Last one, promise. If you want to step up your cozy game, add this fuzzy purple pillow for texture and a better nap time. 

Cool area rug
This patterned rug would be an amazing addition to a room that's mostly simple and white with a few purple pops of color. It adds a bunch of shades of purple (including ultra violet) and looks super luxe. 

Purple bedside lamp
This lamp is smooth, chic and of course, purple. It would look great on a bedside table to add some more light to your room and a bit more of our new fave color.

Throw blanket 
Of course, one of the best ways to stay cozy and to add some color to your bed is a throw blanket. There are tons to choose from, but we love this violet knit blanket that goes with the Pantone theme. 

Floral wall decor
These wall prints are beautiful, plus, they rock the color of the year. Throw them in a silver frame and let them class up your room.  

Desk lamp
This desk lamp is a must for three reasons. It provides you light while studying, it can help organize your pens and pencils and, you guessed it, it's purple. An added bonus? It has a built-in power outlet so you can charge your phone while you study.

Gemstone bookends
These booksends are super cute and match the agate throw pillow. Plus, they combine two trends into one (geodes + ultra violet).

How do you feel about Pantone's 2018 Color of the Year? Will you be adding ultra violet to your decorations? Let us know! 

by Linda Horn | 1/1/2018