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Still stuck with the same room decor you've had since elementary school? We get it: Tastes (and styles) change as you get older and your space might be well overdue for a makeover to reflect the new you. Unfortunately, updating an entire room isn't as easy as buying new clothes or downloading a new playlist. But you don't need to hire a design team to polish up your space! Just follow these easy tips to take your room from outdated to elegant.

1. Upgrade your wall decorations. It's hard to make a space look chic with taped-up photos and winkled posters overwhelming your walls. Instead, purchase some more refined decor. Canvas artwork, mirrors and tapestries all look amazing. Still, don't feel like you have to buy Picassos to make your room look sophisticated. Simple metal or wood frames can make inexpensive posters and photos appear tasteful. If you really want to step up your game, try creating a gallery wall. 

2. Hang some curtains. Adding curtains to a room is a quick way to elevate your space. Search for options in solid colors or classic prints. Try sheer curtains for a classic look that complements any room.    

3. Swap lamp shades. Lamps are not only practical; they are a fantastic option to add character and personality to a space. Most lamp bases are relatively simple (usually a glass, metal, or wooden design), so there's no need to replace them. Alternatively, spend your time looking for lamp shades that you love. Simple shades in white or off-white are nice, but ones with patterns or unexpected materials can make a room look more interesting.      

4. Try a new duvet cover and sheets. Duvet covers, which are basically oversized pillowcases, allow you to test out different patterns and fabrics without having to buy a new comforter each time. To match, look for a new sheet set in colors or patterns that you love. Most sheet sets are relatively inexpensive, so feel free to choose more playful options that you normally wouldn't select.          

5. Declutter. Your room won't look refined or sophisticated with random items thrown everywhere. That doesn't mean you have to throw out everything that doesn't have a perfect place, though. The trick is to simply organize what you have. Colored scrapbooking boxes or fabric bins are both cute storage options. Repurposing items like glass jars or jewelry boxes can also make a space look more relaxed, while helping to reduce waste. Win-win.

Do you have any tips for upgrading your room in minutes? Let us know in the comments below!       

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by Lauren Padilla | 5/29/2018