Give your room boho-chic vibes with this macrame curtain DIY


Whether you have a doorless closet or a window that needs sprucing up, macrame curtains are an easy solution for a boring room. It's super easy (we tried it), plus it can dramatically change the plain Jane vibe to ultra-chic. So go on, get craftin' and let your inner hippie shine. 

What you'll need:
+ Yarn (2x length of your closet or window)
+ String (2x length of your closet of window)
+ Scissors
+ Curtain rod

1. Measure your window or closet and determine the length and width of you'd like your curtain to be.
2. Then, start off by practing with some yarn. Reference the below step-by-step images to help ya practice.
3. Take your your strings and cut them to desired length. Then tie them all together with a knot at the top.


4. Grab the two outside ends and tie them as if you are tying a shoe lace.Then do the same with the same two strings leaving two loops. 

5. Repeat the same process with your middle two strings. Note: using different colored strings makes this easier). 

6.  Then, tie the two middle strings together looping in the outer strings with the bottom ones.

7. After you've practiced with the yarn and have the pattern mastered, go ahead and do the same thing with the string that you bought for your curtain.
8. Cut the string at the desired length. Leave your curtain long for a dramatic look or keep it simple and cut it short.
Optional: If you want to take your DIY a step further, go ahead and tie-die the ends for a funky look.

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by Bridget Mallory | 5/21/2018