Ready, set, toast! Simple snacks you can make in your toaster


In a pinch and looking for a quick, warm bite to eat? Say hello to your toaster oven. Not only is a toaster the *best* way to heat up leftovers (microwaves just make our pizza soggy), it can also be the perfect tool for testing out your top-chef chops. Turn up the heat and get cooking with our fave recipes below! 
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    Baked eggs with marinara and parmesan

    Wakey wakey eggs and...cheese? Not your traditional breakfast pairing, but it’s savory nonetheless. Serve with some buttery toast for the perfect flavor companion.

    See how-to HERE

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    Kale chips

    Surprisingly snackable and absolutely addictive, there’s nothing quite like the satisfying crunch of a homemade batch of kale chips. See how-to HERE.

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    Chocolate chip cookies

    Looking for a quick fix for your cookie craving? Grab your bestie and whip up this recipe for two large, gooey, and oh-so-chocolatey confections. See how-to HERE.

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    Homemade whole wheat pita pizzas

    Who needs pizza delivery when you can make your own spin on the delish dish? This slice is sprinkled with peppers, tomatoes and grated parmesan cheese. We guarantee you’ll be asking for more. See how-to HERE

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    French fries

    All of the fast food flavor, none of the grease. Pair with some melted cheese or ketchup (or both!) for a truly irresistible snack. See how-to HERE

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by Kelly Myslinski | 2/1/2016