Pretty Pillows That Pop!

Say goodbye to drab and hello to dramatic by adding a splash of color to your bed: Dye your pillowcases for an instant room redo. 

What you’ll need:

•    A plastic tub
•    Rubber gloves
•    A white pillow case
•    Dye (try Tulip Custom Dye Color Kit)
Here’s what to do:

Pour one gallon of steamin’ hot water into a plastic tub or your stainless steel sink (don’t forget to plug it up first).

Measure 1/4 cup (4 Tbsp) of salt and mix into the hot water.

Follow the instructions provided with the dye on how to create the color and measure out the proper amount. Stirring carefully, make sure the dye is fully dissolved.

Place your pillowcase into the dye. For a fun ombre look, we left a portion of the pillow case out so that it remained white. 

Stir the fabric around in the dye for 15 minutes. 

Let your pillow case soak in the dye for 45 minutes—coming back every once in a while to stir it.
Once you take your custom colored pillowcase out of the dye, rinse it under cold water and then machine-wash it in warm by itself.

Let it air dry away from direct sunlight. Once your pillowcase is completely dry, slip it over a pillow and toss it on your bed. Fashionable and functional!

Tip: The fabric dyes work best on natural fibers so try something like cotton, rayon or silk to get the brightest color possible.
9/16/2009 3:13:00 PM