BFF Summer Special: Unique Envelopes!

Yay! It's summer and that means it's time for tonsa vacays and fun travels...but also lots of time away from your BFF. How are you gonna let her know how fab it is when you're at the lake with your fam? Who can you dish to the next time that dude at the snack shack smiles at you? 

Whether you're traveling far and wide, or she's the one cutting loose at sleepaway soccer camp, you two can keep in touch the old school way – letters. Check out these oh-so-easy envelopes to send 'em in. Feeling more short 'n' sweet? Check out these collage postcards RIGHT HERE.

What You'll Need

Your fave old mag

What You'll Do:

1. Find a magazine and pick out your fave page or any colorful page.
2. Take one of those pages and fold two of the longer sides over a half an inch and glue down.
3. Fold the bottom end of the page and glue the sides together to make a pocket.
4. Take the top and fold the corners over then glue them down.
5. Fold the top over the bottom and voila you have your own unique envelope!

-Paige Lauman


6/11/2009 7:00:00 AM