Spring DIYs to brighten up your bedroom

Tbh, there's no better season to spruce up your room than spring. Those April showers (and soon to be May flowers) have got us in a major refresh mood—so we've rounded up five simple DIYs to make your space bloom.

Faux-vine planter 

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The Amazon faux-vine fad took over our rooms in 2020, and many gals may find their interior design tastes have changed since then. Instead of relinquishing your decor to the landfill, transform them into hanging plants. Simply grab an embroidery hoop and some string, then follow the above tutorial to learn how to weave your vines around the hoop. Your room will look fresh as a daisy.

Paper flowers

@angelsign_ U can find the templates to every flower in my linktree :)) #fyp #diy #paperboquet #paperflower #giftideas ♬ space song sped up - autumn <3

Put those origami skills to work by whipping up a paper flower bouquet. All you need is colored paper and these templates (recommended by the tutorial above). There are *so* many different variations of blossoms that you can design to create a uniquely beautiful arrangement. Pop them in a vase and show them off in your spring-ified bedroom for all to admire. 

Home-made disco ball diy disco ball for cheap! #WeWinTogether #disco #atl #thrift #diy #fyp #foryou #asmr #halloween #decor #fashion #atlanta #college #vote #urban #skate ♬ Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) - ABBA

The return of spring means the return of the sun, so while you're awaiting the return of that glorious vitamin D, create your own disco ball. Simply snag a foam ball and mirrored tiles from your craft store, find a couple of Taylor Swift-loving besties ("mirrorball," anyone?), stick the tiles on the balls and voila! Your disco ball will reflect that much-needed spring sunlight and inspire *many* ABBA dance parties. 

Lemon garland

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Wondering how to give those holiday lights a spring spin? This lemon garland from Amazon is your answer. Twist it around your twinkle lights and drape over a window to take your room from cold to gold.

Lego flowers

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Legos are such a fun activity for a rainy day, so what better set to pick than a flower bouquet? From succulents to wildflowers, Lego has dozens of gorg options to choose from (and, if you haven't been blessed with a green thumb, they require zero watering—total bonus!). Once you've completed your creation, display them in a real vase. You'll be just as proud of them as if you had grown them yourself!

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by Julia Szymanski | 4/19/2023