How to plant a butterfly and bee garden for Earth Day

Butterflies and bees are *essential* to our existence. It might sound silly, but we need them to pollinate the food supply for not only humans but for other animals and insects too. Planting a butterfly and bee garden can create a safe place for them—plus, it's adorable. Here is everything you need to know to have the most buzzing garden for Earth Day!


Gardening can be a great way to put down your phone and connect with nature. It's a healthy hobby that can improve your mood, and help the environment. Also—it strengthens the butterfly and bee population in your area (important for pollination!)


Types of plants

Before creating shelter for the insects, you need to attract them first with their *fave* flowers and plants. A couple of examples are sunflowers, lavender, marigold, hollyhock and basil. Ofc, the options are endless—these are just a starting point for building a beautiful garden. Get out your tools and remember to water the plants while giving them lots of sunlight. 

Shelter and water

Once you have butterflies and bees visiting, creating a safe place for them to stay is essential. Build (or invest) in a nontoxic wood house where insects can lay their eggs and rest. It's also *key* to have a good water supply. (P.S. Butterflies love mud puddles since they have good nutrients!)


Keep them safe

Make sure to *never* spray pesticides or any other dangerous chemicals in your yard. It will definitely scare the insects away and possibly harm them. Butterfly and bee gardens are safe spaces for insects, so make sure to keep them that way!

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by Kelly Schwint | 4/22/2022