DIY holiday gifts for your girls (that you can make in 5 minutes or less!)

Wanna show off your DIY skills at this year's Secret Santa gift exchange? Scroll no further! We've got all your holiday DIY bases covered from personalized gifts to festive (and easy!) presents perf for any and every BFF on your shopping list. 


Gift this cozy DIY slipper gift bag

Gift bags are out, slippers are in. You can stuff these slippers like stockings for a cute, creative and oh-so festive gift display!

What you'll need: The comfiest, coziest slippers you can find, matching ribbon, your bestie's fave festive candy and any other little goodies your heart desires (examples include five masks, nail polish, gum, jewelry, etc.)

Steps: Neatly fill your slippers with all your remaining supplies. Tie it together with the ribbon and top it off homemade Christmas card! 

Esty: LisaAngelLtd

Charm your BFF with a DIY bookmark

If you have a bookworm in your life, this adorbs DIY bookmark will be perfect for her. Pair this with your fave book recommendation and you're good to go. 

What you need: Ribbons, jump rings and personalized charms.

Steps: Slide a large jump ring halfway onto the ribbon, glue the bottom of the ribbon and add the charms of your choice. 


An easy collage your bestie will *heart* 

This collage will have your friend feeling *totally* remembered. They can hang this thoughtful gift on their wall or even snap a pic and use it as phone wallpaper (or both!). Personalize it by including their fave quotes, inside jokes and colors. 

What you need:  Canvas and printed photos, quotes and paint to decorate.

Steps: Paint the canvas your bestie's fave color and print out some of your most *insta-worthy* selfies. After the paint is dry, all you have to do is glue them onto the canvas! 


Give your bestie the gift of laughter with an inside joke DIY ornament

Do you and your bestie have a hilarious inside joke that always makes you LOL? Create an inside-joke-inspired Christmas ornament that your BFF can hang on her tree for a good laugh.

What you'll need: A clear plastic ornament, ribbon, liquid glue, glitter and paint pens to decorate 

Steps: Fill the ornament with some glue and spin until the inside is evenly coated. Drop in the glitter of your choice and shake the ornament to fully cover the inside. Attach the top of the ornament back onto the ornament and tie the ribbon into a loop around the top. Use paint pens to decorate ornament with your inside joke (you can draw a picture of the joke and don't forget to write the date somewhere!)


A flowery mirror for the plant mom in your friend group

Spicing up a basic mirror can make a *super* cute gift for any plant-loving gal in your life. With some fairy lights and flowers in their fave color, this personalized gift with warm their heart this holiday season. 

What you need: A mirror, fake flowers and fairy lights

Steps: Put down a few dots of hot glue around the mirror frame, stick the fake flowers on and wrap fairy lights around. 


This festive candle for that girl who *lives* on peppermint 

Peppermint is undeniably the scent of the season—peppermint lattes, lotions and loads of peppermint candles! To take your candle present up a notch, you can spritz of the jar with some holiday decorations.

What you'll need: Peppermint candle, white-and-red striped string, white glitter, pieces of plastic mistletoe, evergreen branches and pine cones as well of a hot glue gun

Steps: Wrap the red-and-white striped string around the top of the candle jar. Grab a hot glue gun to attach your holiday decorations to the jar. We heart adding glitter onto the outside of the jar to look like fresh snow!

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by Cara Lamina and Kelly Schwint | 12/3/2021