These beachy DIYs will make you feel like summer isn't over yet


Summer is winding down, which means now is the best time to squeeze in a last-minute drive to the beach. But before you grab your flip-flops, why not pick up your craft supplies? Whether you’ve been hanging at the beach all summer long or you’re just gearing up for a trip shoreside, your next beach day will be way better with these 5 creative DIYs. From a customized beach towel tote to homemade salt spray and the 🌊cutest🌊 shell necklaces, here are the projects you’ll want to tackle before your next visit.

Beach Towel Tote

Image: Sew Very Crafty/Diana Callaghan

Forgetting your beach towel and having to ride home in a soaking wet swimsuit is no one’s idea of a good time. Ditch this common beach bummer (and lower the number of things you have to carry) with a DIY beach towel tote. To make one, you’ll need a towel (duh) and ½ a yard of fabric, plus some extra-strong fabric or webbing for the bag’s handles. You’ll also need some sewing know-how—or a grandma that can help you out. This tutorial from Sew Very Crafty explains how to put everything together.

Shell Necklaces

Image: Collective Gen/Geneva Vanderzeil

If you’ve been thinking about taking part in the shell jewelry trend, this is your sign to go for it. From a simple cowrie shell pendant to a fun assorted-shell necklace, these tutorials from Collective Gen will help you channel beach vibes every day. We love how these DIYs blend the craftiness of shells with elegant gold chains for a playful yet upscale look. Try to find shells with pre-drilled holes at a local craft store. If you don’t have any luck, you can order some online.  

Salt Spray

Image: Girls’ Life/Unknown

One of the best parts of a beach day is leaving the shore with effortless boho waves. But did you know you can replicate the effect without even leaving your house? That’s right—using a salt spray on your hair will help you achieve the same look in way less time. And there’s no need to rush to the store. We’ve got a budget-friendly DIY that works just as well as what you’ll find on shelves. Check out this recipe + instructions on use from GL’s v own beauty editor.  

Sand Photo Frames

Image: Stuffed Suitcase/Kimberly Tate

With the polaroid craze showing no signs of slowing down, it makes sense that you’d have some physical photographs laying around. Put those memories on display in your bedroom or dorm with these cute DIY picture frames. Using sand, paint, glue, and a bit of patience, you can make your own textured frames like the ones in this tutorial from Stuffed Suitcase. The result is a unique, eye-catching frame that truly brings your pictures to life.

Apple, Sage, & Salt Scrub

Image: Soap Queen/Anne-Marie Faiola

Want to smell super good, get rid of dead skin, and lock in your moisturizer? Then a salt scrub is exactly what you’ve been waiting for. This recipe from the Soap Queen goes for an apple and sage scent, but feel free to swap out that essential oil for whatever your fave fragrance is. The rest of the ingredients and standard and simple: Epsom salt, liquid castile soap, and avocado oil. While the salt exfoliates, the oils moisturize, leaving your skin soft and smooth.

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by Bailey Bujnosek | 9/15/2021