How to tie-dye the ~perfect~ summer outfit

Tie-dye is a summer trend that's become timeless, and the best part is the fact that you don't even have to buy a whole new wardrobe to wear it! It's a super easy DIY, and will *always* add a pop of color and pattern to your 'fit. And ICYMI, you can tie-dye basically *anything*, as long as you're feeling it! 

What you need to tie-dye is simple: rubber bands (to tie), a tie-dye kit (to dye), and a plastic bag (Ziploc works best) to keep the clothing that you're going to dye in. When you go to tie-dye, make sure that you keep the ground covered, especially if you're indoors, and to wear something that you don't mind getting dye on—the dye will be permanent on both the clothes you're wearing *and* the clothes you're dyeing. 

After you've gotten everything prepped, it's time to start dyeing! There's hundreds of designs and color schemes to used, so take your time to pick one that you love. Once you've picked a design, get your piece damp and then start sectioning it off to create the different designs. 

Stumped on what design to use? A super cool way to dye your shirt to create an adorable pastel look is ice dyeing! Check out this tutorial to learn:

Time for the exciting part! Use the different colors of dye to color your clothing, and make sure to really saturate the colors, in order to ensure it stays pigmented when you wash it. Once it's all dyed, wrap it up in a plastic bag to keep the dye from staining, well, anything it touches, and let the piece sit for 24 hours. Once the dye has set, rinse each object in cold water and then wash it on cold. Then, it's all ready to wear, and rock your colorful dyed look!

Want a visual guide? Check out this super easy tutorial from the queen of DIYs: 

Taken on the tie-dye challenge? Post a pic of your creation on Insta (make sure to tag @girlslifemag)!

Slider image: @georgiagracefitz | Article images: Pinterest, Pinterest, @georgiagracefitz


by Serena Sherwood | 7/19/2021