The crafty girl’s guide to glowing up your phone

We've all been envious of the perfectly color-coordinated, aestheticized phone cases on IG. Especially since the Widget update came out, I looked at my phone and found it kind of... boring. Part of self-care is decorating our surroundings, so I took it upon myself to renovate my phone this summer. Here are five steps to glow up your phone!

1. Choose a color palette and theme

 Image via Coolors Color Palettes.

Color coordination is *key* to an aesthetic phone. Look at your wardrobe, room, nature and premade color palettes for inspiration. Scroll through Pinterest for more ideas and cute photos—your color palette will shape your phone makeover from the case to the sounds. Make sure to think of themes! 

2. Buy a new phone case

Image via Pela.

Enhance your phone with an adorable brand-new case. There are great options from eBay (perfect for a bargain buy), Pela (a sustainable company with cases that decompose) and Etsy (fabulous for supporting independent artists). You could also collect stickers or Polaroids and put them under a cheap clear case for a personalized look!

3. Update your wallpaper and lock screen 

Based on your color palette and theme, scour Pinterest and Instagram for creative wallpapers and lock screens. I recommend using artists' designs, like Titsay on Instagram. Studio Ghibli backgrounds also work for a cozy, artsy look. This tip is an obvious but amaze (free) way to refurbish your phone.

4. Change your app icons

Image via shopjazitea on Etsy.

Here's a super easy, quick tutorial on how to change your app icons with Widgets. Based on your theme, you can buy cute app icons on Etsy for $1-5. These are the ones I purchased for a cottagecore themed phone. Here's a spooky pack, a plant pack, a rainbow pack and a Pusheen pack. If you don't want to spend hours changing every icon, try the "hide this app" feature on some apps. 

5. Switch your ringtone

This is an underrated but vital step to make your phone *unique.* Is there an amazing song (ahem, good 4 u) or sound you love? Buy a ringtone for cheap or make one for free—I did this all the time in middle school. Change your text tone too, and try to adhere to your theme. Have fun with it!

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Top and slider images via Pink AppleGif via GIPHY.


by Julieanne Larick | 9/3/2021