Your spring hobby = gardening. Here are 5 easy ways to get started

Don't you just *love* the smell of fresh spring flowers? We do too and we know just the hobby for you: gardening! We have 5 simple steps for you if you're new to gardening that will make you a pro.

Find the perfect place

Take a walk around your house and locate where you want to start your garden. The spot needs to be exposed to a lot of sun and have good drainage. This will allow your plants to grow and for your soil to have air pockets which helps the plants breathe. 

Do your research

It can feel overwhelming starting a garden when there are *so* many plants out there. But, with a little bit of research you will find your plant soulmate. Some plants don't require that much care but some do, so think about how much you are willing to commit to your garden and which plants will work best. Check out this site where you can search any plant and it will give you a description. 

Get some soil

All great gardens start with great soil. Think of your soil as your garden's heart. Its beating keeps your garden looking amazing on the outside and will keep it healthy on the inside. There are many places to purchase soil from such as Home Depot or Target.

Take care of your plants

Once you have found your site, picked plants and gotten soil you are ready to care of your garden! Watering your plants requires time and care. You might water them daily or once a week. Be sure to stay organized, you could even keep a calendar writing down the days you need to water them. 

Pay attention

Now here's the hard part. This garden is your responsibility so you will have to check on it regularly. Sometimes animals will visit gardens and eat the plants and you might have to create a barrier. Maybe you potted the plants too close together and you need to move them. There is a lot to remember but you will come to love your garden and caring for it will be fun! This is your garden and without you it won't bloom so be sure to care for it and get excited for a stunning spring garden.

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by Lily Baker | 3/24/2021