Turn your room into a beach cottage

Dreaming of the beach, but stuck at the house? Escape boredom with a little craft to bring some of the ocean-vibes into your own room! This can easily be done outside too, where you can soak up some sun!

What you'll need:

A mason jar (clear blue and green colors look just like the sea!)




1. Cut a piece of twine long enough to wrap around the top of the jar with extra to make a knot.

2. Cut 10 pieces of twine that are 32" long and fold them in half.

3. Tie the twine around the first piece by pulling the ends of the folded pieces through the folded loop at the other end. Do this for all ten pieces at even distances. Then secure the piece around the top of the jar.

4. Take one length of string from one knot and tie it to the string in the next knot. Repeat this until you've gone all the way around.

5. For the next row, again take two lengths and tie them together, so that there is a diamond shape. Repeat this step until you've gone the whole way around and then repeat for as many rows as needed, leaving some length leftover.

6. Cut a piece of twine that is a little smaller than the bottom of the jar and tie it in a circle.

7. Tie the ends to the circle and cut off the extra string!

8. To top it off, wrap more twine around the top and secure.

If you want, fill the jar with some shells for some extra beachy goodness!

Do you prefer the beach or pool? Tell us below!

Photo and tutorial credit: It All Started With Paint

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by Hayley Anderson | 7/14/2016