Should I Date This Dude!?

I am having a major problem. This guy, I’ll call him Tim, started being really nice to me, though we never talk. I then started to really like him. So a few days ago I told him I liked him and then he didn’t show up to school the next day. I was thinking he was avoiding me. He went out with my best friend and she told me to go for it. I wanted to change my hair and clothes to fit my style.

Do you know how I can really get my hair straight and also can you help me figure out my guy problem. If he likes me back I want to ask him out but my mom says I am to young to go on dates. I never said I wanted to go on dates but I want to have a boyfriend. CAN SOMEONE HELP?! PLEASE!?

- Confuzzled

Sometimes boys are just plain dumb. Tim might have freaked out when he heard that his feelings were reciprocated...or as hard as it might be to hear, he might just want to be friends. Give him time and he’ll come around. Don’t throw yourself at him but be available if he wants to talk.

Either way, you should NOT change yourself for a boy. Boys don’t think about hair and clothes the way other girls do. If he really likes you, he will think you look great whether you are in sweatpants or a mini skirt. Not all hair is meant to be perfectly straight. Next time you get your hair cut, ask your stylist for tips on how to manage your new ‘do.

If your mom says you can’t date, you can’t date. Ask your mom what she means by “dating” because times have changed and she might not be up on how things work these days. No dating probably means no boyfriends. If so, listen to your mom. Mom really does know best. She is not trying to ruin your life; she just wants to protect her daughter. And try to go behind her back wither, she will find out. Boyfriends aren’t worth losing you mom’s trust.

Love ya,

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9/14/2009 6:24:00 PM