Goin' For the Guy With a Rep!?

OK, well, there’s this guy I like and he’s kissed a few girls in our class before. He kinda has a little bit of a bad rep 'cause of that. Nothing too major, but I don't know if I should go for him or not, 'cause at my school, it's not exactly the best thing to have that kinda rep.

I think he’s sweet and smart and funny but he’s been known to date a couple of the more, sorry, no nice way to put this, promiscuous girls, in our class. Plus, I’ve never had a BF or been kissed before so I don't know if he’d think I was, like, inexperienced or something. Plus, I don’t dress scandalously, so I don't know if he’d be at all interested. Please help!

P.S. - I heard a rumor that he likes this other girl, but he never talks to her. He has no classes with her and he can talk to girls reaaaaaaaaally well!

- Miss Megaflirt

This is a tricky one. At first, I was inclined to tell you to ignore the rep and go for him. If you like the guy, who cares what other people think? On the other hand, the phrase “you can’t change a man” has never rung more true.

So, if he’s been around the block too many times for your liking, don’t settle for anything other than the exact kind of guy you’ve always wanted to be involved with. Finally, don’t worry about whether you dress the part he’s interested in or not, he should like you for you, and if the way you dress is stopping anyone from seeing what a wonderful person you are, move on.

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6/22/2009 7:00:00 AM