How to tell the difference between a friend and a crush

Telling the difference between a friend and a crush can be *super* difficult. They might make you smile like crazy, but are they really bae material? Here are five things to consider when you start to catch feelings for a new crush. 

How do you feel when you see them?

Seeing someone you have a crush on should make you feel all the feels. Especially at the beginning of your flirtationship—If it doesn't feel like Christmas morning when they text you, then they're probably better off as a buddy. 

Could you go a day without texting them?

Going a day without texting your bestie might torture but it's def possible; however, going a day without texting your (possible) bae will seem *completely* impossible. 

Do they post Insta pics with you?

This might not be the best way to tell the difference in a friend or crush (because, let's be real, you're constantly posting your BFF), but if they're constantly posting pics of you two then they definitely adore you in some way. Bonus points if they use the heart eye emoji—and if they're the first one to watch your IG story!

Would you tell them your most embarrassing moment?

Relationships are built on trust. If you don't trust them enough to know an embarrassing story or secret, then they might not be the one. Truth: This goes for besties *and* baes. Don't be afraid to open up and see how they react! 

Do you try to look your best around them?

There's a pretty good chance that your best friend has seen you looking absolutely horrifying, but how do you dress when you know you'll see your crush? You might be putting in more effort to impress them than you realize. 

How can you tell if it's a friend or a crush? Comment below!


by Haley Brown | 3/30/2020