Jelena has reunited--should you and your ex?

The news that Jelena are back together (Selena *did* say the heart wants what it wants...) has us thinking about what makes for a good reunion. Are you and your ex better apart, or do you have the potential to repair your relationship, making it better than ever? Below are a few hints as per Justin and Selena that you should shoot your former fling a text—who knows where it might lead?

1. You love rocking his sweatshirts and tees (even when they're a bit sweaty)

Just like Selena wasn't afraid to rock Justin's jersey post-hockey game, you're always up for taking comfort in his oversize, soft shirts. While to others the sweat (and stench) might be a turnoff, to you it's endearing.

2. He loves a good brunch date as much as you

While Selena and Justin's latest brunch spot is Joi Cafe, you and your guy have your own fave locale. There's nothing like a bae you can indulge in your faves—bacon, waffles, eggs—without feeling self-conscious around.

3. He takes you to church...literally

Over the weekend, Jelena was spotted at the Hillsong Conference together. There's definitely something to be said for a guy that is willing to open up, share his faith with you and introduce you to his religious community of choice.

4. He woos you with a romantic dinner

Rumor has it that Justin arranged for a private dinner for two after-hours at an upscale steakhouse in LA. While your bae may not be able to shut down a restaurant, something as little as your fave meal at home with a little extra ambience via flowers or candles is a sure sign that he's a keeper.

5. The two of you have grown up together

Regardless of what may have gone down between you two, a shared history can be a great building block for a strong relationship. Shared experiences and memories, mutual friends and more can allow you to look back on the past with a fresh perspective and come back stronger than ever.

What do you think of Justin and Selena getting back together? Sound off below!

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by Katherine Logan | 11/7/2017