Banish awkward silences with these tips for keeping the convo going

You and that cutie you met at your beach volleyball game are cracking up about that viral vid that’s been all over Twitter, and then your convo fizzles out and you feel like you have nothing to talk about. It's happened to all of us. Whether you’re chatting IRL or via text, it can be majorly discouraging when the convo begins to fall flat, but we’ve got some tips to help you up your conversation game.

Remember that conversations are a two-way street 
A conversation is between two people. That means y-o-u shouldn’t be the only one responsible for keeping it going! If you feel like you’re constantly wracking your brain for things to talk about, while he’s staring off into space, then maybe this relationship isn’t meant to be. If he’s into you, then he’ll work hard to keep talking to you.

Ask him to elaborate
You know the feeling when you’re chatting with someone and they’re giving you short responses? It can totally ruin a good convo! Avoid this by asking them to elaborate. Is he talking about his summer vacay? Ask him about his fave restaurants at his destination. Chatting about good shows to binge-watch on Netflix? Find out which episode of Modern Family is his favorite. 

Think of funny stories
People love hanging with people who make them laugh. Get your guy giggling by having tons of funny stories in your arsenal. Saw a funny video you think he’d love? Bookmark it to show it to him next time there’s an awkward silence. Had a totally embarrassing but hilar moment at your neighbor's pool party? Make sure to share the story!

Keep your texting game strong 
Sometimes texting can be *so* easy, and other times, you’ll be struggling with a simple sentence. A huge problem with texting is that you don’t have to answer right away, so you’re left questioning yourself for an hour before you even press send. Be natural while texting. Not every message has to be super flirty. Pretend you’re having an IRL convo over text and it’ll be much easier. Plus, you can send funny pics or links if the conversation is dying or even try playing a fun game over iMessage. You can totes work in some flirty banter in between rounds of virtual pool!

How do you avoid awkward silences when you’re chatting with bae? Spill your best tips below!

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by Maddie McGee | 7/17/2017