What to do if you and your bae only talk online

After having an amazing text convo with your boyf last night, you walk into camp the next morning and he’s mute. His personality only ever shows when you are texting or Snapchatting him. Every conversation you guys have in real life is awkward and getting a word out of him is like pulling teeth.

Yeah, this happens. But, trust us, it's not you—and it's not him. It's just a little awkwardness that's super easy to get over. So if this happens to be your sitch, follow this advice on how to take your relationship from screen to IRL.

Bring up your last texting conversation. If there is an awkward silence when you guys are together, bring up what you talked about on Snapchat. This way you know he has an opinion on the topic of conversation and you can use the conservation as a way to break the silence.

Joke about the awkwardness. You and your boyfriend are both aware of the silence that occurs when you guys are together in real life, so face it head on. Be the one to confront the problem and joke about it. That way you can ease into a more serious conversation about your issue.

Ask light questions. Throwing your boyfriend softball questions makes it more likely that he will have an answer for that question. You can use those Qs as a segway into a more meaningful conversation.

Make him talk about himself. When that awkward silence flares up again, ask him about himself. This is a good tip because it helps you learn more about him, while keeping the conversation going.

Plan more dates. This gives you and your bae more opportunities to become comfortable around each other. Plus, dates are just fun!

Have you and your BF or GF ever faced any awkwardness? How did you get over it? Sound off below!

by Uchenna Nwodim | 6/26/2017
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