21 no-fail summer flirting moves you need to use this summer

Summer is *finally* here, and whether you're planning on spending your days shopping away at the mall or walking your dog at the park, you're bound to spot that cutie you've had your eye on. It's time to notch things up with your crush—no matter where you are! Try out these tips to snag that sweetie. 

At the mall…
+To the guy filling up his fro-yo cup with vanilla: “Where’s your sense of adventure?” Wink!
+Spot a sweetie strolling the bookstore? Sidle up and quiz him for recommendations.
+Eyeing the cutie behind the Jamba Juice counter? Ask him to whip you up a Pink Starburst off the secret menu—then start a convo between sips.

At the pool/beach…
+To the beach babe nailing spike after spike: “Nice moves! Can you give me some pointers?” If you’re already a volleyball ace, challenge him to a one-on-one game.
+Stock up on cheap squirt guns at the dollar store and start a guys vs. girls watergun fight. Losers buy gelato.
+Show off your fun side by proposing a poolwide cannonball contest—then compliment his superior splash with a smile.

At the park…
+You and your crush both have pups? Tell him that your pooch is in need of a new pal, and ask if he can meet you at the dog park for a play date.
+To the guy wearing the cool concert tee: “Oh, you saw The 1975? How were they!?” Even better if you can talk albums for hours.
+Never underestimate the power of a silly line ("If you were a vegetable, you’d be a cute-cumber.”) Deliver it with a grin so he knows you’re kidding.

At the movies…
+Invite him to that group movie thing you’re organizing. When you hit the theater, suggest you two share snacks. Boom, you’re sitting next to each other.
+During the The LEGO Ninjago Movie trailer, say “We should totally see that when it comes out.” Future plans? Check.

At a BBQ…
+Bring your signature dish (like that delish dip that your mom makes) to the fête and offer him a bite. Nobody can turn down a tasty treat.
+Things dragging a little? Whisper, “I think we need better tunes. Want to help me come up with a new playlist?”

On social media…
+If there’s a spot both of you hit up often (like the pool or Chipotle), Snap him a cute selfie there with the caption, “Thought I’d see you here!”
+Crush just posted a pic with his kitty? Comment instead of just liking it. “Too cute!” is perf!

On a (gasp!) real date…
+Playfully hit his arm when he makes an outrageous joke. It’s a classic move for a reason.
+Don’t be afraid to ask him something fun but random. Try, “If you could jump into a pool of anything, what would it be?”
+Tell him you have psychic powers, then offer to read his palm. Trace the lines on his hand, then interlock your fingers. Feeling super bold? Say, “I foresee a kiss in your future!” and lean in. Magic.

Body Language: Subtle moves he won’t be able to resist
+If you’re chatting with your dream guy, lean your shoulders in toward him. Getting a little closer (without invading his personal space) will subtly show you want to get to know him better.
+Tilting your head is a good way to show you’re totally into what he’s saying.
+Make eye contact when he’s talking, but also nod to show you’re listening. That tells him you value what he has to say. When you respond, just look away now and again—you don’t want a weird staring contest.

What's your go-to flirting move? Sound off in the comments!

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by GL | 6/9/2017