5 ways to get to get closer with bae's family this summer

Summer is approaching quickly, and so is the perfect time to get to know your boo's family better! Whether you two are newly a thing or have been hanging for months, you can't go wrong! There are an array of ways to become closer with his fam, and listed below are just a few of them.

1. Hang by his pool!
Even if you aren’t necessarily chillin' with his family, the more you’re around them, the more comfortable they will be with you, so don't be afraid to go over to his house when invited. And who doesn't love a pool day with the BF?!

2. Bond with her sibs
Invite her sister (or even her bro) to chill with you guys when possible. If you’re just hanging at her house or yours, whether you’re watching a movie or playing a game outside, grab her sibs to join. Hey! You might even start to become close with them, too.

3. Have them and their family over for dinner
It might be a weekly thing that your mom invites your bae over for dinner, but what about the rest of their fam? The more, the merrier of course!

4. Set up a game night
Whether your forte is cards or monopoly (or both!), mention the idea of playing it together. Some friendly (or ~family~) competition never hurts. Not to mention games nights are one of the most *fun* ways to spend time inside—thing of it as the perf rainy day activity.

5. Take trips together
A day trip can always bring people closer together. Biking, hiking, beaching—the options are endless, especially over the summer. Everyone loves a good adventure, so get an itinerary together and just go, go, go! Just don't forget your *fave* sunnies.

Are you close with your bae's family? What do you guys like to do together? Tell us in the comments!

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by Ellie Pesetsky | 6/14/2017
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