8 signs your crush is actually bae

Let's be real, ladies: Crushes come and go all the time. We can fancy someone one day and be "meh" about them the next. So how do we know when a crush is actually a keeper? Here are some signs you can be sure.

1. He makes an effort to know you.
Your likes, dislikes, celebrity crush, favorite food...he wants to know everything about you!

2. She doesn’t play games.
Whether it’s with texting back or making plans, she’s very straightforward and doesn't play hard to get. She values your time and respects you.

3. They compliment you.
Even if you’re sick, feel crummy or just having a bad day, they still find a way to compliment you and bring a smile to your face.

4. He chooses to hang with you instead of friends.
Friends are important to all of us, so it's always a big deal when someone you like chooses to build a bond with you when they could be spending their time elsewhere!

5. You can be yourself around her.
It’s easy, you never have to pretend to be someone you’re not, and she thinks you’re absolutely adorable.

6. He doesn’t try to hide you.
He’ll be cute with you in public. He might grab your hand while walking, and he doesn’t try to downplay or hide that you both like each other when you’re around friends.

7. Your friends become his friends.
He likes hanging with you and your friends because he knows they’re important to you, and your friends like him, too!

8. They make you happy.
Being around them, talking to them and even thinking about them makes you smile and feel warm and fuzzy inside. They're a good person and treat you right—what more can you ask for?!

What's the cutest thing your crush has ever done? Share with us in the comments!

by Shilpa Raj | 6/27/2018