What to do when your crush likes your BFF instead of you

Sure, English is interesting and lunch is fun, but recently your crush has been the single greatest thing about going to school each day. You melt every time he asks to borrow a pencil in class and giggle endlessly whenever he cracks a joke during recess. You like him, and you want him to like you—but then you find out he likes your best friend.

It’s a sticky situation. The selfish part of you wants to tell her, “No, he’s mine!” but the majority of you knows that’s silly. But your feelings are your feelings, unfortunately, so here's how to cope. 

Talk to your friend. This is the most important thing to do. You can’t assume that she will know immediately how you feel about this situation. Best case scenario is that she doesn’t like your crush back and the heartbreak is over. Worst case scenario, she might like him too, leaving her—and you—caught in a tough spot.

Be realistic. Did you meet this boy in class two weeks ago? Or have you had a crush on him since you shared a bag of chips that one time in first grade? Is this something you’ve told a lot of your friends about, or does your bestie not even know how you feel? Regardless of how long you've liked him, it's not the end of the world that he likes your friend. Crushes come and go—yours could and so will his. 

Remember what’s important. No one ever wants a friendship jeopardized over a crush, so count on your bestie to remember all of the amazing memories you've made together. If she's a great friend, she will respect how you feel. If she pursues the dude, this is a good wake-up call of who she really is.

Have you ever had a crush like your friend? What happened? Tell us about it in the comments!


by Amy Garcia | 3/22/2019