Heartbroken? These seven quotes will help ya heal

Heartbreak is no fun for anyone. We understand the sadness, sister. But after the tubs of ice cream and tears, there comes a time to haul yourself out of bed and get back to your life. How, you ask? We’ve got you. These seven quotes will help inspire and mend your broken heart. We even made them into *gorgeous* iPhone wallpapers so you can keep the kind words close to heart—literally!

The future holds infinite opportunity and limitless possibilities for you, so don’t miss out on them by reminiscing the past too much. You have a whole beautiful life to look forward to and you never know what the future holds!

Amen, anonymous. This quote will remind you that being an awesome, independent girl is the best thing you can ever be. You don’t need anyone else to remind you of how utterly amazing you are.

We strive to be fabulous and flawless like Coco Chanel, the queen of style. When you feel like hiding underneath the covers, dust yourself off, go outside and own the streets.

Change can be a good thing, chica. Breakups teach you things about yourself and relationships. You learn just how strong you really are and you know that you *can* and will get through difficulties. Author Haruki Murakami completely nails this metaphor.

A reminder that we have to look for love within ourselves before asking others to love us, too. Life may seem a little lonely right now, but you will be okay, we promise. In the meantime, focus on caring for, bettering and loving the most important person in your world: you.

When all else fails, throw on a fab pink frock, slick on a lippie and go show the world how gorgeous you are. Just as the iconic actress tells us, tomorrow is another day. Take things one step at a time. You will get over this and you will feel better—you've just gotta give it time.

The message from the liner notes of Tay’s 1989 song “Clean” and “Out of the Woods” music video is our ultimate moving on quote. It’s okay to be sad about your breakup—it’s only natural. But in the midst of such heartbreak, you will figure out what makes you happy, who your true friends are and what you want from love and life. You will find who you truly are and that is the best thing in the world.

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by Morgan Ome and Kristina Lee | 4/27/2018