Five quick tips to get ready for the first date


It finally happened—he asked you out! But saying yes was the easy part. Now you’ve got to get ready for your date, show up and—eek!—actually talk to him. Take a deep breath. We’ve got the tips you need.

1. Pick somewhere fun where you can get to know each other.


When it comes to what to do for a first date, getting something to eat is always a classic. But there are other options, like mini-golfing or a sporting event. Doing something you both love will make sure you have some fun no matter how the date goes. But make sure you pick somewhere where you can actually talk to each other. That loud rock concert or rom-com movie may be a great time, but not a great first date.

2. Be prepared for what you’ve planned.


For instance, if you’re going on a picnic, don’t wear white pants! Or bring a breath mint to dinner just in case you order something with a lot of garlic. Being prepared will help with your nerves, because you’ll be ready in case anything goes wrong.

3. Dress nicely, but stay true to you.


Putting some effort into your appearance will show that you care about the date, but don’t overdo it or you’ll feel uncomfortable and out of place. So wear your favorite outfit—with a little extra time for your hair or attention to your accessories—and then show up with a smile.

4. Come up with some conversational topics beforehand.


This will prevent the dreaded first-date awkward silence. Just jot down some ideas and use these as inspiration in case the conversation fizzles out. Otherwise, let it flow as naturally as possible—it’s a date, not an interview!

5. Be your amazing self.


Don’t feel pressure to be someone you’re not. Remember, you want your date to like you for you—not for who you pretended to be while you were still in the flirting stage. And don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t go perfectly. First dates can be scary! Just try to relax and have a good time.

How do you get ready for a first date? Got any tips to share in the comments?


by Kjerstin Burdiek | 3/5/2019
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