What to get the dude in your life, no matter your relationship status

Buying prezzies for your best girlfriends is beyond easy—nail polish, purses, that adorbs dress you saw in the window of Forever 21—but buying for guys? THAT is another story.

We all know that guys are practically another species, so GL requested some expert advice from teen guys to give us the scoop on what to buy your guy, no matter your relationship status.

What to get…

Your BGF

Buy him something sentimental (but not overly emotional). Inside joke gifts are great because you can reminisce on old times and get a laugh, but still show him that you care.

“If you give a serious or sentimental gift, you may give off the impression that you’re into him when you really aren’t.” - Alex, 16

Decoded: You def don’t want to give your guy bestie the wrong impression (deep down, guys are delicate flowers after all). When you give him a funny gift, you’re showing that you appreciate his friendship and nothing more.

Your Move: Got that picture of you two in Sumo suits from last summer’s end-of-the-year bash? Put it in a frame and give it to him next time you see him. It’s sure to make him smile without giving him thoughts of something more than friendship.

The guy you’re “talking” to

Since you just started talking to your guy (after all, you two aren’t official or anything), get him something small. All he needs is a little something to let him know that you’re thinking of him.

“Cookies are the way to any guy’s heart.” - Jordan, 17

Decoded: Food is the key to a fella’s soul.

Your Move: Get him a bag of his fave snack: Doritos, Reese’s Pieces, whatever—and slap a bow on it. He’ll be thrilled you remembered his love for junk food and your wallet won’t suffer.

The guy you just started dating

Don’t gooverboard thinking about the most ADORABLE gifts you could DIY for him. Hemight get intimidated if you start going all “serious girlfriend” on him too soon.

“I’d want a video game. Specifically, the one I wrote on my Christmas list.” –Bryan, 16

Decoded: Get the guy what he wants. Don’t try to do anything too cute—just get him what’s on his list.

Your Move: Is there a specific DVD, videogame, or CD you can buy him? Ask your cutie what he really wants (within reason, of course) and get him just that.

Your serious boyfriend

Think big on this one. Show your BF how much you care by saving up and getting him something he’ll love.

“Tickets to watch his favorite team play would be epic.” —Travis, 16

Decoded: There’s nothing about this to decode. If he likes sports, buy him tickets to a game.

Your Move: Spend the extra cash and shell out money on tickets to a big game or concert. Not only will he be thrilled, you’ll get to spend extra hang time if you say the second ticket is for you.

Got any tips on what to get the guys in your life this holiday season? Leave ’em in the comments below.

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by Melanie White | 12/5/2017