Get a Date: Hints on how to ask him out

You’ve had a crush on that cutie from your math class for weeks, and you really want to ask him to go out with you. But what’s the best way to do it? Never fear, ladies! GL has all the tips you need to ask your crush out.
Get to know him as friends and set up a study date.
If you’ve had a crush on a guy for a while but have never held a conversation, there’s no need to ask him out ASAP. Relationships are strengthened when you feel comfortable with the other person, so try getting to know your crush as friends before you make a move. Talk to him after class or at lunch, and get to know who he is and what he likes. If he maintains eye contact during your convos and engages in genuine conversation with you, those could be signs he’s interested in being more than friends!
Becoming friends is also a great transition into asking your crush to study together with you or do a group project together, which is less intimidating than asking him on, say, a dinner date, but it still gets you some quality one-on-one time.
Ask for help with a gift for the guy in your life.
Whether you need a birthday present for your dad, uncle, cousin or little bro, asking your crush to help you pick out a gift is the perfect way to hang out with your crush without being too awkward. Tell him that you want a male opinion on the gift and that you would really appreciate his help. He’ll think it’s sweet that you’re doing stuff for your fam, and you’ll get to spend an awesome day of shopping together.
Show your support.
If your crush is on the school basketball team or a member of the science club, show him you care by joining the crowd at his next event. Whether or not his team wins, dole out the congrats afterward and tell him how great he was. If his team won, offer to buy him ice cream after the game to celebrate for a cute, instant date idea! If his team lost, you can still offer the ice cream as a consolation.
Dance with him at your next school dance.
School dances are perfect, because they give you the chance to tell your crush how you feel with your friends still nearby. When the DJ plays a slow song, find your crush and ask him to dance with you. If he says no, you can shrug it off (his loss!) and be goofy with your friends. It’s a win-win!
Ask him what he did the previous weekend—then suggest something to do something similar.
When your crush shows up at school on Monday, start a casual conversation about what you did the last few days. If he played video games with his friends, mention that you’ve wanted to rent that new Wii game and ask if he wants to play it with you that weekend. If he went to a cool new pizza place, suggest the two of you try your favorite restaurant. He’ll love that you’re interested in what he likes, and you can tailor your suggestions so that both of you will have fun.
Ask him on a group date.
If the thought of being alone on a date freaks ya out (or if Mom and Dad won’t let you date just yet), ask your crush and his friends to hang out with you and your girls. You could do something like go bowling or ice skating in a group—it takes the pressure off of you having to make conversation with him alone all night, but you can also get away from the group a bit to talk to your crush.
Drop a (super obvious!) hint.
If you really can’t work up the nerve to ask out your crush, you could always act extra flirty around him and see if he takes the bait. Say there’s a new movie out that you’ve been dying to see or a new restaurant in town you want to try—if he’s into you, he’ll probably ask if you want to go together!
Just do it!
Even though it can be totally nerve-wracking to start a convo with your crush, let alone to ask him out, the reality is that he’s probably just as nervous as you are. Ask him out in person so he has a chance to properly respond (texting will only cause ya a lot of unnecessary stress!), and let him know that you still want to be friends no matter what his answer is.
Now that you have these tips, sweeties, don’t be afraid to go ahead and talk to your crush, and maybe even ask him out. The worst that can happen is that he says no. In that case, you deserve someone who realizes how awesome you are, and there are plenty of other fish in the sea. Good luck, girlies!

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by Meghan DeMaria | 2/1/2016