Love Triangle of Confusion

Boys don’t have to be a mystery. Real guys give you the straight scoop on all your most pressing Qs so you can finally figure out what he’s really thinking.
I like this guy at my school, but he already has a girlfriend. I think he might like me back but I’m not sure. One day I was leaving the gym after cheer practice, and he just stared at me. Is that a good thing? I’m really confused.

HIS ANSWER: "Even if he does like you, the fact that he already has a girlfriend makes it a tricky situation. He might just want to be your friend, or he might think you're cute. It seems like a kind of weird situation where you might not ever really know one way or the other unless he breaks up with his girlfriend."

DECODED: He might like you, but his relationship status makes it difficult to tell. Like our guy said, it seems like there's no real way to tell—he might just think you seem like a cool person who he wants to be friends with. 

If he's looking at you, try saying hi or smiling at him. It might start a conversation. But beware—even if you think he might like you, trying for anything beyond friendship while he still has a girlfriend will probably just result in hurt feelings.


by Alissa Scheller | 2/1/2016