You Wrote It

This girl's experience with depression is incredibly relatable

The inspiration for this poem came from my friend Toni who dealt with depression and won.

What started as a little rift,
Grows and grows each time you forget me,
And further and further away you drift.

Where are the friends I so loved?
Where have you put them?
Stored on a shelf, high above?

Each time you shout,
My heart breaks a little more,
My heart can tell me what you're all about.

Where is my soul mate, my one true love?
Are you stored on that same shelf,
So, so high above?

My dearest sister, who I parted with so long ago?
My mother and father?
My little brother?
Where did you all go?

Now I realize,
The problem is from my eyes.
I'm the one who has to change,
Who has a life to rearrange.

I throw out the vices,
What I need now is hugs,
Not cutting or getting high.

Each day I move a step,
Up the ladder, closer to the box,
Where I stored my loves,
Each day, I put a key into another lock.

And I know, soon I will be free.

-Maddy G. 

by GL Maddy G. | 12/17/2018
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