You Wrote It

Read: "Looking in the Mirror" by a GL reader

It’s an ugly thing, watching yourself cry, 

Seeing the way your face contorts as it blushes red
And uneven rivulets go down your scrunched cheeks.
The red flush of your eyes, making the blue stand out

So pure 

Two diamonds in the warzone of your pain.

Looking into the mirror and seeing a sobbing face almost feels intrusive
Because that person is so vulnerable in their time of hurt,

And yet
That person 
Is you

Intruding on yourself, leaving you to feel both the shame of being seen like this 
And of walking in on someone at such a moment. 

The mirror has no mercy,
Showing a perfect reflection of the truth scrawled across your face,
Forcing you to confront what you are,
Forcing you to see your red, tear streaked, cheeks,
The startling blue of your eyes. 

It’s an ugly thing, watching yourself cry.

-Meghan M.

by GL reader | 5/24/2018