You Wrote It

Read it, love it: "Circle of Life" by GL reader Stephanie I.

I am a baby
I enter the world and open my beautiful eyes to see the light
Cute as a baby, oh that’s me
Smiles from bundles of joy

Poof! I am a kid
Running feet down the hallways of school
Learning new things every day, soaking up like a sponge
Exploring the world from my point of view

The world to me is confusing, I’m a teenager
Decisions for the future, my future
Pressure is all around me chasing me like a nightmare
I sit down and wonder who I am and who I will be

Ding, ding, ding! Adult time
Bills flooding my house
Responsibilities I have taken
New little feet running around me

Wow, doesn't time fly, Elderly
The little feet are now big feet with more little feet
Pass on experience, enjoy the rest
This is my circle of life

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by Stephanie I. | 4/27/2018