You Wrote It

"Uncertain Juliet" by GL reader Sammy

Put your arms around me, together we'll dance,
I can't handle love but I live for romance.

Fly me to places that I only dream,
And maybe you'll find that I'm more than I seem.
When you first caught my eye on that day long ago,
Court me, I'll crave you, and no one will know.

A rose in your hand makes my heart flutter fast,
And nothing will matter, not even the past.
Where I gave him my all for a night under stars,
And he left behind just a wasteland of scars.

I can't let myself be torn apart once more,
But your smile is a drug that I'd do anything for.
This feeling's resurfaced, dormant no longer,
And your crystalline eyes only make it stronger.

So maybe I'll risk it and give you a chance,
I'll grant you my love if you give me romance.

By: Sammy

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Photo credit: Relativity Media.


by GL Reader | 5/20/2018