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"Sometimes" — an original poem by GL reader Karina W.

Sometimes, an original poem, by GL reader Karina W.

when it’s dark outside
and the world around goes silent,
the mind,
it wanders, so loud,
louder than silence could ever be.
And it makes you wonder,
How big am I to this world?
when the sun is shining
and the world around gets brighter,
all the people,
they seem so happy,
happiness that can be found inside.
And it makes you wonder,
How easy is it to be happy?
And sometimes
when the rain is falling
and the world around becomes clean,
all the little pieces,
they come together
to fit perfectly, like the final piece of a puzzle.
And it makes you wonder,
How many lives have found that final piece?

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by GL reader | 1/22/2020
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