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The *best* books for every aspiring athlete to read

Participating in a sports team is a *great* way to stay active and meet tons of new friends. There are so many different cool sports to try out and a lot of people love working super hard to excel at their sport. Take the love of your sport off of the field or out of the pool and check out these sport-centered books *perfect* for the aspiring athlete. 

Track and field

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Jessica lives to run, but when she loses her leg in a car accident, she worries that she won't ever be able to run again. With the help of some old friends and their kindness and the inspiring words of a new friend, Jessica works towards crossing the finish line once again. 


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Love the beauty of dance? Dance Moms star Maddie Ziegler has been in the spotlight since she was eight years old. In her honest and charming memoir, Maddie explains how she made her way to stardom and how she keeps balance in her life. 


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Camila Hassan's passion for soccer is difficult for her to pursue in a world where she feels she must meet all of her parent's expectations. Expectations that don't include a girl playing soccer. Powerful and moving, Furia is a great reminder to never let go of your dreams. 


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An incredible story of determination, Break the Fall follows Audrey Lee, a member of the United States Olympic gymnastic's team. Audrey has to navigate expectations, worries, teammate drama and even some boy trouble on her path to the games. You'll be on the edge of your seat every time the girls perform their routines. 


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The perfect poolside read, Why We Swim shares stories of fierce Olympic champions and investigates just why humans take the time to learn to swim and why swimmers always want to return to the water. 


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Puberty has been difficult for Greer Walsh. #reltable! Greer feels out of place and lonely until she finds unbreakable friendships with the volleyball squad. The team of girls band together with hugs and jokes to make high school just a little more bearable. 


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An adorable middle school read, Lucy Wu is a loveable aspiring basketball star with big dreams. Although her perfect sixth-grade year isn't quite as perfect as she was imagining, Lucy learns the importance of friendship and self-love. 


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Mikayla is a wrestler, and she's determined to win—even if some people don't want a girl on the wrestling team. Exploring the world of competition between athletes and the difficulties of one girl trying to break barriers in a sport mostly dominated by boys, Takedown is a must-read. 


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Outer Banks Tennis Academy is an elite training facility where star athletes are made and dreams are achieved. Three rising tennis stars, Penny, Jasmine and Indiana have big goals. Between working to win the biggest junior tournament of the year and navigating crush drama, Game. Set. Match is *so* exciting. 

Happy reading!

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by Abigail Adams | 3/10/2021