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Chloe's Book Club's *ultimate* holiday gift guide

Hi there, book lovers!

Chloe Lukasiak here. It's the *most* wonderful time of the year—and by that I mean it's time to give gifts, read all the books and do pretty much nothing else except sleep and eat (and sleep and eat) until January 1. I've wrangled up all the amaze titles from this year's club so you can get 'em, wrap 'em and gift 'em to all your best babes.

Happy shopping and happy holidays!

Beautiful Broken Hearts, $17; City of Ghosts, $14

The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein, $15; The Iron Flower, $17

Positively Izzy, $8; Little White Lies, $15

The Price Guide to the Occult, $17; The Selection Series, $35

The Darkest Minds, $9; From Twinkle with Love, $17

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by Sydney Adamson | 12/15/2018