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Olivia Rodrigo just announced her next album...and we're about to enter our GUTS era

After *lots* of teasing, Olivia Rodrigo has officially announced her sophomore album (releasing Sept. 8). It's called...drumroll, please...GUTS!

For everyone who's been not-so-patiently waiting and wanting to hear more music from Olivia since her phenomenal debut album Sour, this is definitely a cause for celebration (and *even* more anticipation). 

The most dedicated of Olivia's fans may have noticed that she's been hinting at a change in color scheme (hello, all the red on her IG feed) and turns out they were onto something. The album art that Olivia shared features her wearing a red lip and bulky rings on her fingers that spell out GUTS. And of course, where there's Olivia Rodrigo, there's lots of purple, too.


She's been dropping *tons* of hints about her new era, from cryptic voicemails to coded messages. Surely there's more to come during the months leading up to the album's release, but Olivia made this particular announcement well worth the wait with all the twisty puzzles she gave fans to decipher along the way. 


Olivia also has a single coming out this Friday (June 30) called "Vampire" which, tbh, seems to align with the darker-slash-moodier vibe she's been cultivating. This album may give us even more killer lyrics, some Olivia-level angst and all the vulnerability and aesthetics needed for a spooky and sad girl September. Only question is, are we ready for it?

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by GL | 6/26/2023