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Everything you need to know about XO, Kitty

The long-awaited premiere of XO, Kitty finally hit our streaming queues yesterday and, tbh, would it even *be* the start of summer without something from the Jenny Han cinematic universe to obsess over? (We didn't think so.) Here's everything we know about the series, starting with the official trailer we've had on loop since it first dropped a few weeks ago.

We all know (and love!) Kitty Song Covey as Lara Jean's mischevious little sister from the To All the Boys trilogy, but a spin-off series set in South Korea?? Something we didn't know we needed. The season kicks off with Kitty petitioning to spend her junior year of high school at the Korean Independent School of Seoul (KISS for short), aka the very same school her BF Dae currently attends (not to mention her mom's alma mater). Shortly after arriving at KISS, Kitty realizes that Dae has another love interest, Yuri...and suddenly, her semester abroad is looking a *lot* scarier.

Without giving too much away, the 10-episode series follows Kitty as she navigates a new life away from home. But with friends like Q and a potential enemies-to-lovers plot in the making, XO, Kitty is equal parts heartfelt and hilarious. (And, needless to say, we're sooo here for Anna Cathcart giving us all the Kitty content we've been missing since the last TATB film.)

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by GL | 5/19/2023