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We found an aesthetic for our fave Lana Del Rey albums

While securing her spot as queen of the sad girl alt genre, Lana Del Rey has been through many eras. With a decade-long career, she's gone from the early days of beehive hair and heart-shaped sunglasses to her current obsession with sundresses and big bows (but never forgetting her signature winged liner). We're here to give you a new aesthetic to try based on each of her albums so you can be as stylish as Lana herself. 

Born To Die

Aesthetic: Classic Hollywood


Throwing it way back to the beginning of Lana's career, Born To Die takes is heavily influenced by mid-century America. When styling an outfit for this era, think of a red, white, black and blue color scheme that incorporates cowboy boots, matching sets, heart sunglasses, collared shirts and blue jeans. Time to crank the radio up and let your hair whip in the wind.


Aesthetic: Beach bum


Paradise came along just a few months after Born To Die and has a somewhat similar aura. But while Born To Die brings the midwest scenery, Paradise takes it back to the coast. Grab a vintage-inspired one-piece, floppy sunhat and pair of huge hoop earrings and be transported to, well, paradise.   


Aesthetic: Grunge/Tumblr girl 


Tumblr girls never die! Lana's 2014 follow-up to the success of Born To Die and Paradise came with Ultraviolence, an album that took on a more rock-influenced sound with darker themes and an iconic black-and-white album photoshoot. This album basically created the "sad Tumblr girl" aesthetic, one you may have noticed climbing back in popularity in the past year. Grab some Doc Martens, shady sunglasses and whale net tights to capture the essence of Ultraviolence


Aesthetic: Coastal granddaughter


Honeymoon allowed Lana to return to the sound she was known for: orchestral instrumentals mixed with her captivating vocals about love and life. In a return to the beach after Ultraviolence, Honeymoon is all about the coastal look (think lacy shrugs over flouncy sundresses with long necklaces and windswept hair). Don't forget to accessorize as well! Golden jewlery will elevate any of your Honeymoon-inspired fits, and cute sunglasses will totally complete your look. 

Lust For Life

Aesthetic: '70s-inspired


Lana Del Rey's Lust For Life album cover look has become one of the most iconic images of the singer to this day. From the daisies in her hair to her perfectly sharp eyeliner, the '70s aesthetic completely encapsulate this album's energy. To capture the luxurious essence of Lust For Life, try some a-line dresses, headbands, lace gloves, flare sleeves and blue eyeshadow. Look back to the past and experiment with more powerful makeup looks to really acheive this aesthetic—and maybe try Lana's eye lewk, too.

Chemtrails Over The Country Club

Aesthetic: Old money


Lana Del Rey combined both the glamourous, classic elements of her artistry and the personal, reflective side of who she is when she released Chemtrails Over The Country Club. Full of deeply personal ballads and boasting a total old-money aesthetic, Chemtrails kind of reminds us of Lana's earliest albums. Explore different accessories to achieve this aesthetic and pay attention to the little details of your look, such as your jewelry and nails.  

Blue Banisters

Aesthetic: Cottagecore


Lana slows things down even more in her second 2021 release, Blue Banisters. With long luxurious hair, a bright yellow sundress and two adorable dogs by her side, Lana is more relaxed than ever on this album cover. With so much talk of wildflowers and nature, this era gives *major* cottagecore vibes. Anything eyelet, Peter Pan collars, big straw bags and swooping necklines are in order after listening to this album. 

Did you know that there's a tunnel under Ocean Blvd

Aesthetic: Coquette


Finally, this brings us to Lana's latest release Did you know that there's a tunnel under Ocean Blvd (a mouthful, we know). The album with perhaps the best aesthetic of any of her releases to date, Ocean Blvd is perfectly pictured in the coquette aesthetic. With songs featuring church choirs, long instrumental breaks and breathy vocals *and* the album's photoshoot including oh so many bows, cardigans and lacy/silky tops in shades of white, pink and blue, it's super easy to capture the vibe for yourself. 

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by Madeline Morrow and Mina Rahmat | 6/29/2023