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EXCLUSIVE!  Ariana Greenblatt told us everything (she could) about the Barbie movie. The 15-year-old superstar slash Disney Channel alum spills on future films, mastering her at-home boba recipe and what life is *really* like on a Greta Gerwig set. 


It's our beauty issue 
The advice you've been waiting for...without watching a million TikTok tutorials. 

Oh yes, it's time for Jashion (jean fashion)
Know what looks good with your favorite jeans, denim skirt or overalls? More denim. 

QUIZ! Which Taylor Swift era are you?
Plus, *exactly* what you should wear to The Eras Tour. (You're welcome.)

The everything guide to crushes
Not sure whether to make the first move/ghost that one girl/post them to the 'gram? Consider these dating sitches solved. 

Lucky girl spring
Hi! It's a confident you—and we're nixing the negative self-talk for good. 

Brb, planning a picnic party
With our favorite season in full bloom, we’re convinced there’s no better birthday bash (or just-because bestie brunch) than a good old-fashioned picnic.

Are you a makeup minimalist or maximalist?
Less is more...or more is more. It’s a choose-your-own-adventure kind of thing.

Nail your next mani
Bright hues? Silly stickers? No matter your nail art agenda, we've got the tips and tricks to mastering your at-home manicure. 

Your day-by-day breakup toolkit
Our step-by-step guide to healing heartache with patience and compassion so you can survive (and thrive) in your post-relationship universe.

Dear natural hair: I love you
"I've realized that my hair is part of who I am as a young Black woman—and it's a blessing, not a burden." -GL girl Jasmine on her journey to loving her authentic look. 

Stop stressing about that thing (like, actually)
It's normal to notice the negative, but taking a raincheck on the pity party to embrace all the good stuff? So much better. 

Everything you need to watch, read and listen to this spring...
We're living for Danielle Jalade's extra energy—and this adorably over-the-top actress (catch her as Paris in Saturdays on Disney+) is here to remind you that, um, you're amazing. PLUS: The perfect playlist for *every* spring break book obsession. 

In this issue, you'll also find... 

🧖‍♀️ Tips for building up your skin barrier
Over-exfoliators: You aren't alone. 

📍Pinterest-worthy ponytail inspo 
Say buh-bye to basic with these simple (yet sleek) swaps. 

😬 QUIZ! Is your crush too much drama?
We hate to be the ones to say it but, uh, they might be. 

💭 Your guide to making tough decisions
Not sure which road to take? We've got your back. 

💰 Your perfect summer gig, right this way...
Take your talents to the next level with these sunny szn jobs. 

🔴 So *this* is what's causing your PMS
Sore boobs + bloating? Been there—now here's what helps. 

🪐 What your Mercury sign is trying to tell you
Mercury is here...and it just wants to talk. 

+ Dear Carol on making new friends 
+ When (and how) to call it quits on a friendship
+ The difference between tough love and a toxic coach 
+ 11 amaze ideas to celebrate Mother's Day
+ Tiny ways to spring clean your life 
+ All the awkward prom moments 
+ Tons of fun and freebies 
...and so much more!



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Get your glam on, GF! From top-notch skin savers to our fave faux lashes (they're vegan, DW), we're clueing you in on 2023's makeup must-haves...and giving you the chance to win them all HERE. ðŸ’„


April showers might bring May flowers, but this month has a lot to love on its own, including our glam giveaway calendar. Win fab freebies (and peep some Insta-worthy beauty inspo), all starting April 1 right HERE. ðŸŒ¼


The only thing better than slaying spring trends? Putting together a top-notch fit that serves looks *and* the environment. Snag these planet-friendly picks HERE. ðŸŒŽ

Website mentions in April/May 2023...
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PAGE 3: What's trending on this APRIL and MAY...
+ Your step-by-step guide to starting a vinyl collection HERE. ðŸ“€
+ 8 unexpected hobbies to try HERE🧘‍♀️
+ Recreate these Pinterest-worthy pics with your squad HERE📍
+ Glow up your Mother's Day baking game HERE🍪
+ Is your crush going to ask you to prom? All the signs HERE💞
+ Describe your BFF and we'll give you an aesthetic HERE🦋

PAGE 4: On the APRIL calendar...
+ Up your gardening game HERE. ðŸŒ±
+ Talk about flower power: This Florasis beauty bundle (worth $183!) includes shimmering eyeshadows, luxe lipstick, cream-to-powder blush and more. Enter starting April 1 right HERE. ðŸŒ¸

+ Win the modeling experience of your dreams! Enter HERE. ðŸ“¸

+ An ultra niche music moment for every title on your TBR HERE. ðŸŽ§

+ Your new favorite book? Right this way! Join our Bestie Book Club HERE. ðŸ“š

+ Not sure when to boot old beauty products? All the answers HERE. ðŸ›

+ This spring, we're saying yes to stackable salads. Snag the recipes HERE. ðŸ¥’

Image Credits:

April/May 2023 Cover (Ariana Greenblatt): Photographed by Raul Romo. Styled by Lo VonRumpf. Hair by Kiley Fitzgerald. Makeup by Allan Avendaño. 
April/May 2023 Fashion:
 Photographed by Mike Azria. Styled by Lo VonRumpf. Hair by George Fragkioudakis. Makeup by Sophia Hutch. 

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