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EXCLUSIVE! Meet Surfside Girls star YaYa Gosselin

By now, you're probably caught up with season one of Surfside Girls, the brand-new Apple TV+ series that's equal parts adventure and adorable (And if you aren't? Click HERE to stream). From sunny beaches to supernatural mysteries, this season has *everything*—including dynamic duo Sam and Jade, who are just as amaze on screen as they are IRL. We sat down with breakout star YaYa Gosselin to dish on why she hearts her character, Sam, and how Surfside Girls is the perfect show for the whole fam. Scroll for all the deets about this spirited new series, exclusively here at GL

Girls' Life: What was your favorite part of filming the first season of Surfside Girls?
YaYa Gosselin: The people. The cast and crew made this set one of my favorites I've ever been on. There were all of these ice cream trucks and boba trucks on set while we were filming, which was just amazing. I also loved all of the fun stunts we got to do. Even though we didn't surf a whole lot, we did get to go to the ocean in Malibu. It was just an amazing experience. And the script kept us on our toes the entire time we were filming.

GL: And what's your fave behind-the-scenes memory?
YaYa: Hmm, let's see. There were *so* many fun moments, but probably my birthday. I spent my thirteenth birthday on set,  and that was so much fun. I also loved just singing in our trailers. We would always sing Disney songs during hair and makeup.

GL: How would you say you're similar to your Surfside Girls character, Sam? How are you different?
YaYa: Sam is this free, wild-child surfer girl—honestly, she's who I want to be. I think that I'm very similar to her in the way that I have a very goofy and silly personality. I love having adventures and doing things like riding horses and skateboarding. But Sam is the kind of person who goes with her gut, and I'm more of an 'in my head' kind of person. I think that's definitely my homework from Sam—to just live in the moment and do things. 

GL: That's such a cool perspective. If you could play any type of role in a movie or TV show, what would it be?
YaYa: I've always wanted to play a villain. I have a very chill personality, so I think that playing the bad guy would really challenge me. It would just show a totally different side of me that I would get to explore.

GL: Are there any fall trends that you're loving right now?
YaYa: Yes. I love the pumpkin cold foam at Starbucks, and I put it on *literally* everything. I also really just love Halloween in general. It's one of my favorite holidays. This year, I think I'm going as Mother Gothel [from Tangled]. 

GL: Is there anything you want viewers of Surfside Girls to know about the show?
YaYa: Something that I love about this show is that it follows two girls going on all of these adventures and getting outside during the summer. Especially with COVID, I think it's really important to go outside and find some kind of adventure near you. It's so important to get off of our phones every once in a while. I also want the fans to know that Surfside Girls isn't just for girls. It's a show for the entire family, and I really encourage people to watch it. 

Fast facts about YaYa:
★ YaYa has been performing since she was three years old.
★ She can play *lots* of instruments, including the guitar and ukelele.
★ Her favorite fall fashion staples? Sweaters and fuzzy socks, ofc.
★ YaYa's friends would describe her personality as silly and sweet.

Check out Surfside Girls on Apple TV+!

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Photo credits: Apple, Monica Gosselin | Parts of this interview have been edited/condensed for clarity.


by Lena Genovese | 9/19/2022