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We had *so* much fun at GL's Summer Takeover 2021

Five days of fun, freebies and the ultimate confidence inspo

This year, our virtual music festival was bigger (x4!) and better than ever. We gathered our greatest gals for a total Insta and TikTok takeover, with a whole week of special appearances, amazing giveaways, guaranteed glow-ups and, ofc, showstopping music.


Our unstoppable host and June/July GL cover star Pressley Hosbach brought *all* the sunniest vibes (plus amazing TikTok choreo!)


Laura Pieri pumped up the party with her v. talented voice and belt-out original "Grenades".

Elle Brightly dazzled us with "I Know Your Type".

Charli Elise's "You're So" was so bubblegum pop in all the best ways.

Jillian Shea Spaeder's "Lily" let us live out our cottagecore ~goals~.

Scarlet's next-level vocals (and her amaze piano skills) gave us *serious* chills in the best way.

Dylan Conrique's "After All" transported us right to an on-point prom love story.

We'll be singing (and dancing) along to Piper Rockelle's "Butterflies" all summer.

Sophie Michelle's "Someone Else in the Dark" was giving us *total* nostalgia vibes.

We love how Ladi Rosa spoke her authentic truth in "I Ain't No Taylor Swift".

Liahona Olayan basically described sibling relationships (and the not-so-rare sibling fight) to a T with "Boom".

Coco Quinn was so honest when she poured her heart out in "Secrets".

ARIA is so over trying to be like everyone else. Her honesty in "twinnin'" was so refreshing.

We knew Gabrielle Nevaeh Green was the life of the party when she rocked out to "Radio".

Erin Reese transported us back to our roots with "Hometown Heart." Swoooon.


Shay Rudolph gave us alll the inspo to be our healthiest and happiest selves (and we can't wait to hear more from her soon!).

Elliana Walmsley spilled her sunny szn beauty routine (and answered your friendship Qs) in exclusive IGTV shorts.

Skyler Aboujaoude gave us all the advice we need for a confidence glow-up.

Amelie Anstett rocked some sweet TikTok dance moves to our fave hits.


20 lucky girls snagged our summer swag bag, filled with over $400 in beauty, fashion and DIY goodies!

*Thousands* of you entered to win a Tamagotchi Pix. Congrats to our 5 lucky winners!

Want to check out alllll the amaze music *all* over again? Bb, we've got you. We've got the *whole* thing on lock for you on our IGTV. Plus, rewatch your fave highlights on Insta and TikTok @girlslifemag.

Photo Credits: Pressley Hosbach: Sean Scheidt. Aria Brooks: Stacey Bode Photography. Skyler Aboujaoude: Sarah Huang. Shay Rudolph: Emily Sandifer.


by GL | 6/25/2021