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WIN! Get ready for *all* the summer fun with Tamagotchi Pix

Say hello to the brand-new Tamagotchi Pix!

With Tamagotchi Pix, you can accessorize super cute characters plus connect with your friends. It even has a camera so you can snap pics of you and your Tamagotchi character together. 

Find out why our GL besties Kayden, Kira, Kylee, Lexia and London heart Tamagotchi Pix (and enter to win your own right here!)... 


Proud Moment: "I'm super excited to take care of my Tamagotchi Pix as she grows up. Can't wait to see which career path it chooses." 
Social Share: "I live for an unboxing moment so I *had* to film a TikTok as soon as I got my Tamagotchi Pix. It turned out so cool." 


Bright Buddy: "My Tamagotchi Pix totally matches my vibe: The graphics are bold, vibrant and fun!" 
Stunning Snaps: "I'm going to be taking tons of cute pics of me and my character with the camera. I love photography."  


Best Friends: "I love how I can connect my Tamagotchi Pix to my besties' devices and have virtual hangouts, even when we're apart." 
Perfect Plans: "I'm taking mine with me everywhere—cheer practice, soccer tryouts, you name it."  


Fashion Forward: "The best thing about the Tamagotchi Pix is how it's a game and an accessory—perfect for a trendy girl like me." 
Sweet Sidekick: "I love that I can care for an adorbs pet (and connect with friends) despite my super packed schedule." 


Always Together: "I heart hanging with my Tamagotchi Pix —it's a great way to have fun after busy days at school or sports." 
Fabulous Fun: "The virtual world is so cool. Every time I pick up my pet, I know we're going to have an exciting adventure." 

Ready for your pet? Check out Tamagotchi Pix and enter to win all month long HERE!

by GL | 5/25/2021