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The cutest gift guide for the girl living through a global pandemic

If there's anything 2020 has taught us, it's that staying safe and healthy is more important than ever. But on a lighter note, we've also learned how to make the best of tough situations—which means figuring out how to stay on-trend (if that's your thing) during an unprecedented global pandemic.

Wearing a mask and washing your hands should be your thing for 2021 (if they weren't already, tbh) and we've got *everything* you need to treat your BFFs (or yourself, we won't judge) to the best. Scroll for our ultimate health-is-everything (and perfect stocking stuffer) gift guide...

These cute and comfy masks (and *adorbs* mask chains) 

After you wear one of these perfectly-fitting masks, you're never going to want another. Seriously. Add a cool factor with a cute chain at Jill & Ally.

These sparkly hand sanitizers and lotions

Get alllll the good, germ-killing vibes in sweet themes from Namaste to Unicorn at Merci Handy.

This TikTok-worthy bathroom soap

If you're looking for a new bathroom soap, this floral-scented pump (that comes out in the shape of a flower, ofc) from MyKirei by Kao is your best bet.

This citrus-scented sanitizer

Nothing feels fresher than grapefruit and other citrus scents, so grab a full- or travel-sized pack from Curie for the ultimate hydrating + moisturizing sanitizer. Bring on the clean vibes! 

Have a happy (and clean) holiday!

Top image: @bathandbodyworks

by Katherine Hammer | 11/27/2020